Beaded Crystal Earring January 2013 Project. This month's project is a beaded Crystal earring tutorial, made using Swarovski Crystals. Adopting the Right Angle Weave beading technique.
The pictorials are illustrated with spaces between beads for a clearer direction, in the actual beading, there should be no spaces.

Beaded Crystal Earrings [January 2013]:

What you need:

1) Size 4mm clear crystals and a couple of pink 4mm crystals.
2) Beading wire (0.25mm), pliers and earring hooks.

Always Remember to pull tight on EVERY STEP.
Beaded Crystal Earring

Cut a piece of wire around half meter long:
Add four crystals at the center of the wire, crisscross the wires through the last crystal added.
Beaded Crystal Earring Tutorial Step 1
Continue to:
Add one crystal on each side of the wire, add one last crystal to crisscross both strings through.
Repeat this step three more times.
Beaded Crystal Earring Tutorial Step 2
Continue to:
After the repetition, add one crystal on each side of the wire and crisscross both wires through one old Crystal you added in step 1 (marked A).
Beaded Crystal Earring Tutorial Step 3
Continue to:
Turn the piece sideway (the red dot marks where you have stopped at on step 3).
Add one pink crystal on both wires, pass both wires crisscrossed through the direct opposite crystal (shown where both arrows exits).

You can now pass the wire back through the piece until they meet and tie off.
Add jump rings and earring hooks using pliers.
Beaded Crystal Earring Tutorial Step 4
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