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 Decreasing Peyote Stitch Instruction   

The beading instruction on how to decrease peyote stitch - to make a peyote piece narrower, there are several ways to decrease on your peyote work.

Decreasing on Peyote Stitch

Notes before you start: For beginners, please visit Even count flat Peyote Stitch Instruction before you attempt this.

Two types of decreasing on a peyote project are featured here.

Decreasing of beads on the outside edge.

This is done by omitting beads at the edges of the rows.
When you finished one row, do not add a bead like usual instead, string the line back through the second last bead of the row (take it as an invisible bead) then start adding beads again after this and continue beading as usual.

The next row repeat the same thing and after you finish you will see the result of the decrease.
Continue decreasing one bead from each starting row until you achieve what you want.
Decreasing beads on the middle.
Step 1: This is done simply by missing a bead and string the line straight through 2 beads from previous row.
Continue beading as per usual for the row.
Step 2: Start the next row as per normal and when you come to the part where the bead was missing, add one bead and string the line through the next bead from  the previous row (green).
Continue beading as per normal and decrease whenever there's a need.

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