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Beaded Birds

See my beaded bird, using the different techniques of beading from peyote to right angle weave I created these different types of birds. Find photos and tutorials on beaded canary to beaded penguins

My Beaded Bird Collections!

Most of my beaded birds are made with seed bead and the right angle weave beading technique. Find song Birds like Canary sometimes kept as pets (sometimes called the Island Canary, Wild Canary or Atlantic Canary) to Penguins (a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere).  


Blue Canary
Blue Canary Front View
Beaded White Canary
White Canary Front View
Green Canary
Green Canary Front View
Beaded Champagne Canary
Champagne Canary Front
Blue Canary Bird
Blue Canary Side View
White Canary Bird
White Canary Side View
Green Canary Bird
Green Canary Side View
Champagne Canary Bird
Champagne Canary Side
Purple Canary
Purple Canary Front View
Beaded Yellow Canary
Yellow Canary Front View
Beaded Red Canary
Red Canary Front View
Beaded Canary
Canary Front View
Purple Canary Bird
Purple Canary Side View
Yellow Canary Bird
Yellow Canary Side View
Beaded Red Canary Bird
Red Canary Side View
Beaded Canary Bird
Canary Side
Beaded Penguin
Blue Penguin
Blue Penguin
Peyote Penguin
Penguin Earrings
Beaded Animal
More of my own creation can be found at the Photo Gallery or learn beading at Bead Project.

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