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Beaded Pendants

Browse My collection of handmade beaded jewelry Pendant designs, the pendants were created using different materials from beads to crystals to sequins combining different beading techniques to achieve the creations.

My art work of Beaded Pendant

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Turquoise bugle pendant Beaded bugle pendant bugle bead pendant

Beaded Bugle Pendant

Crystal and Bugle Pendant

Bugle Bead Pendant

pink pendant beaded pendant bugle beaded pendant

Pink Seed Bead Pendant

Silver Bugle Pendant

Bugle Beaded Pendant

wire pendant beaded wire pendant wire beaded pendant
Wire Beaded Pendant
Beaded Wire Pendant
Bead Wire Pendant
crystal pendant pink crystal pendant turquoise pendant
Crystal Pendant
Pink Crystal Pendant

Turquoise Bugle Pendant

yellow crystal pendant blue crystal pendant white crystal pendant
Yellow Crystal Pendant
Blue Crystal Pendant
White Crystal Pendant
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