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Wall Hanging - Beaded Wreath

The Beaded floral wreath is a combination project of beaded flower and arts and craft idea. Here is one of my creation that can be a door wreath, Christmas wreath or wall hanging decoration. 

Beaded Wreath

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Wreath Meaning:

A wreath is a ring made of flowers, leaves, and sometimes fruits, used as an ornament, hanging on a wall or door, or resting on a table. A wreath woven with flowers is used as a garment in some zones of Polynesia around the head, as a diadem; sometimes referred to as a lei. By extension the name wreath applies in art to the carved or modeled representation of this ring. 

In Greek mythology Apollo is represented wearing a laurel-wreath, and wreaths were awarded to victors, both in athletic competitions and poetic meets under his care. Dionysus is crowned with a wreath of ivy (in his wild and dangerous aspect), or with the vine, as the inventor of civilizing wine. An oak wreath, wherever it is carved, recalls Zeus, who had usurped the ancient oak-grove oracle at Dodona. Wreaths of roses are a late addition to the imagery of Aphrodite. 

Funeral wreaths were a Roman custom. They often appear carved on sarcophagi. 

A wreath made of mostly evergreen tree twigs, sometimes with pinecones and/or a bow made of red ribbon is a common Christmas decoration. 

Beaded Rose Beaded Orchid Beaded Hyacinth Beaded Wreath
More of my own creation can be found at the Photo Gallery or learn how to bead flower at Flower Project

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