Swarovski Variety By Anna Daley

Riverstone a natural bead stone found along river beds. The stones is then ground and adhered to a metal bead. There are no two alike and they are a mix of white, tan and brown, making it a neutral piece. Amethyst pendant, same style pendant as all others. All these pieces are 90% Swarovski crystal beads. barrels & biconnes, glass cones, seed beads. Amethyst is a double at the bottom half. Light Sapphire Blue, same amount of crystals but with light sapphire crushed turquoise mixed with a compound that achieves that creamy look. Deep dark burgundy with clear glass cones, that one is exceptional, colors are gorgeous. All are 19/20 inches long. Sapphire one has bracelet/earrings to match. Beautiful night out piece.

by Anna Daley
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