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 Adult Bead Project

You can find a variety of Free Beaded project and Arts and Craft Project here, including Free pattern and instruction, beaded project and other project for Adults and Kid.  Be sure to check back month for new projects.

2004 Projects:

October 2004 Bead Project
  -  (beaded brooch pin)
November 2004 Bead Project  -  (Pink Panther Ring]
December 2004 Bead Project [Beaded Safety-Pin Bracelet)

2005 Projects:

January 2005 Bead Project
- [Pearl Cross]
February 2005 Bead Project - [Snow Flake]
March 2005 Bead Project - [Crystal Flower Pendent]
April 2005 Bead Project - [Crystal Ball Pendent]
May 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Star Pendent]
June 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Bracelet]
July 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Free Form Bracelet]
August 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Flower Brooch]
September 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Fashion Ring]
October 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Dragonfly Brooch]
November 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Butterfly Brooch]
December 2005 Bead Project - [Beaded Dog]

2006 Projects:

January 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Teddy Bear]
February 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Ribbon Brooch]
March 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Heart]
April 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Bag Charm]
May 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Spider Brooch]
June 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Heart Brooch]
July 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Victorian Pendant]
August 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Snowflake Earring]
September 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Butterfly Pendant]
October 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Gift Box]
November 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Snowman]
December 2006 Bead Project - [Beaded Santa Claus]

2007 Projects:

January 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Ball Necklace]
February 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Open Heart Pendant / Charm]
March 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Earrings]
April 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Elegant Earrings]
May 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Moon Pendant]
June 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Peyote Halloween Cat Earrings]
July 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded Peyote Apple Earrings]
August 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Seal]
September 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Canary Bird]
October 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Nemo Clown Fish]
November 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Chihuahua Dog] PDF version help contributed by Marilyn Southmayd
December 2007 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Christmas Elf Star Charm]

2008 Projects:

January 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Bon Bon Sweet Charm]
February 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Strawberry Charm]
March 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Easter Rabbit Charm]
April 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded Hyacinth Flower]
May 2008 Bead Project
- [Beaded Shoe Charm]
June 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded Tea Pot Charm]
July 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded Penguin Charm]
August 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded Peyote Tie Pendant]
September 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Halloween Ghost Charm]
October 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Pony Charm]
November 2008 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Christmas Tree Charm]
December 2008 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Christmas Wreath Charm]

2009 Projects:

January 2009 Bead Project - [Beaded Four Leaf Clover Lucky  Charm]
February 2009 Bead Project - [Beaded Valentine Heart Basket]
March 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3D Lobster Shrimp Charm]
April 2009 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Beaded Bag Charm]
May 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded Peyote Penguin Earring Pattern]
June 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Schnauzer Dog Charm Pattern]
July 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Cat Kitten Charm Pattern]
August 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Pig Piglet Charm Pattern]
2009 Bead Project - [Beaded 3-D Halloween Witch Charm Pattern]
October 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Halloween Pumpkin Charm Pattern]
November 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Christmas Santa Claus Charm Tutorial]
December 2009 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3-D Christmas Reindeer Tutorial]

2010 Projects:

January 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Chicken Charm]
February 2010 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3D Crystal Rhinestone Heart]
March 2010 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3D Heart Key  Charm] PDF version help contributed by Marilyn Southmayd
April 2010 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3D Star  Charm]
May 2010 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3D Shoe  Charm]
June 2010 Bead Project
- [Beaded 3D Crystal Fish  Charm] PDF version help contributed by Marilyn Southmayd
July 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Seahorse Charm] PDF version help contributed by Jordan
August 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Dolphin Whale Charm]
September 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Crystal Cupcake]
October 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Cupcake]
November 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Jack O Lantern Charm]
December 2010 Bead Project - [Beaded Snowflake Star]

2011 Projects:

January 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Spiky Ball]
February 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Wing Heart]
March 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Oyster Pearl]
April 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded Bag Charm]
May 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Grapes] PDF version help contributed by Marilyn Southmayd
June 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Watermelon]
July 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Cake Charm]
August 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Mini Cake Charm]
September 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Pear Charm]
October 2011 Bead Project - [Halloween Peyote Skull Pattern]
November 2011 Bead Project - [3D Beaded Ebi Prawn Sushi Charm]
December 2011 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Snowflake]

2012 Projects:

January 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Tamago Egg Sushi Charm]
February 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Heart in Heart]
March 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Banana Charm]
April 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Big Head Crystal Bear Charm]
May 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D crystal ladybug Charm]
June 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded Diamond Shimmer Bracelet and Necklace]
July 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Anchor]
August 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded 3D Bag Charm]
September 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded Halloween Witch Pattern]
October 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded earring tutorial]
November 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Christmas Tree]
December 2012 Bead Project - [Beaded Christmas Flower Leaf Brooch]

2013 Projects:

January 2013 Bead Project - [Beaded Crystal Earrings]


Remember to check back monthly for our Monthly updated free bead projects.

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